Welcome to our website!

"Dusk To Dawn Studios" is an independent recording studio and is home to our band La Legacie. Originally setup purely for writing and recording songs for our band, but now we are opening it up for others to use. We're all musicians and consequently understand your needs - We all play in the band ourselves! Everything you see on the site is available to you to ensure you get the most from your time spent with us. We also offer accommodation during your stay with us along with all home cooked meals, plus lots of wine if you get thirsty!!! This works well for multi-track projects and long nights with fun.

Our core business is writing and arranging new songs for our band and others, therefore we are constantly looking for new artists with which we can work with to produce and manage using our material. So if you have any aspirations in this mad but lovely industry please email us with any sound tracks you may have for us to evaluate.

Incidentally, we are not called "Dusk To Dawn Studios" for nothing!! Recently we had an artist here who came, late one evening, with a song in mind but without any music. We wrote the score, played and recorded it with her. We produced two tracks, one with her vocals and a second without, which she needed for a gig in London to sing along to the next weekend! We finished her tracks, in one all-night long session, finishing at 0830 in the morning!! So you can see, we will stay with you until you achieve what you dreamt of!!

Look forward to hearing you!

Trevor Dawson, Dusk to Dawn Studio Principal