The recording studio is an underground humidity controlled environment to 30%. It is a modern, fully equipped Sound Studio with instruments and Pa system plus stage monitors,  it also has a Sound Room computer monitor, which lets you see what the sound engineer is looking at/working on during the recording session. This setup allows for song practice before recording (although we record everything you do, as it helps with song construction - you never know what might come along). Being underground has the advantage of complete separation from the outside world which gives you space to focus on the project in hand.
The Control Room is used for playback, metering and mixing. We encourage all band members to take part in this process. Again fully loaded using the latest Yamaha Digital desk that gives a perfect analogue sound along with a powerful Mackie Pro hardware controller. Giving the best of both worlds, the ease of digital recording with a smooth analogue feel. All software is Pro Reaper. Mackie 824 monitors give the perfect sound vs CD replay for mixing. We can even remotely operate the Control Room from anywhere in the complex.